Streaming Office 2010 and Click-to-run

I realize my comment is about 2 years late, but I just had the visit of salesmen trying to sell me a better internet connection. Since I have had no broadband limitation whatsoever in the recent months given the actual content offer, I declined. Furthermore these guys could have been a pair of WLAN free-riders attempting some social engineering scheme.

This, however, led me to the thought I may have to upgrade my connection, should the streaming of applications become prevalent.

It then stroke me that Microsoft Office 2010 already offers streaming capabilities. Microsoft called their technology Click-To-Run, and is already available for Office 2010.

I recently had to re-install Office 2010 and first chose the option. The installation process is shortened to nothing and you can start using your applications straight away. That is absolutely fantastic in principle, and also for practical purposes if you do not use any out of process add-ins.

Unfortunately, I had to re-install the Click-To-Run version with an old-school full install, because it would not work with Powerpivot, for example. I hope Microsoft will find a way to make this sort of installation work with all these add-ins that are out there, including their own. Otherwise, the technology may well fall into oblivion.

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